Camille Picquot

In Camille Picquot’s (°FR, 1990) visual world, nothing is what it seems at first glance. Her images are striking, with their tight compositions and sharply contrasting colours. But there is always an element that causes unease: an unusual angle or a disturbing detail. From pleasantly curious, one starts to feel guarded.

Over the years, Camille Picquot has steadily built a coherent body of work that includes both film and photography. She walks the thin line between between truth and fiction by combining staging and coincidence. The viewer is drawn into an absurd universe replete with tension and unexpected turns. The exhibition presents three photography series, Domestic Flight, Total Ground and Images du dedans, and the film Hollow Hours, which was awarded a VAF Wildcard in 2016. 

FOMU offers a platform for young Belgian photographers. Camille Picquot studied in Brussels and Ghent. Her first monograph, Domestic Flight (Art Paper Editions), is being released to accompany the exhibition. In 2019, the exhibition will travel to Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.    

Curator: Rein Deslé


Image: Total Ground, 2016 © Camille Picquot