Restricted Images

For the past 7 years, Patrick Waterhouse has been collecting maps, photographs, flags and other documents to create an extensive archive of colonial representations of Australia from 1770 to the present day. In 2015, he took this archive to the Central desert of Australia and began working with local Warlpiri artists at the Warlukurlangu Art Center. During his time there, Waterhouse also took photographs in the communities. The local artists appropriated both the historical collection and his photographs by using the traditional Aboriginal technique of dot painting. In doing so they revised their own representation.

The exhibition Restricted Images brings together these artworks for the first time and thereby provides a new reading of Australia’s colonial and indigenous history.

The photobook Restricted Images is published by SPBH Editions (Self Publish Be Happy).

Curator: Joachim Naudts



Image: Looking for Honey Ants, restricted with Julia Nangala Robertson from Restricted images made with the Warlpiri from Central Australia - Patrick Waterhouse.

The works in this exhibition were made at the Warlukurlangu Art Centre in the communities of Yuendumu and Nyirripi, Norhtern Territories, Australia, with:

Adrianna Nangala Egan, Alma Nungarrayi Granites, Angelina Nampijinpa Tasman, Athena Nangala Granites, Cecily Napanangka Marshall, Chantelle Nampijinpa Robertson, Daniel Jupurrurla Gordon, Delena Napaljarri Turner, Dorothy Napurrurla Dickson, Felicity Nampijinpa Robertson, Flora Nakamarra Brown, Hazel Nungarrayi Morris, Hilda Nakamarra Rogers, Jeanie Napangardi Lewis, Jessica Napanangka Lewis, Joy Nangala Brown, Judith Nungarrayi Martin, Julie Nangala Robertson, Juliette Nakamarra Morris, Kirsten Nangala Egan, Kirsty Anne Napanangka Brown, Leah Nampijinpa Sampson, Lorraine Nungarrayi Granites, Madeleine Napangardi Dixon, Margaret Nangala Gallagher, Margaret Napangardi Lewis, Margie Napurrurla Leo, Marilyn Maria Nangala Turner, Marissa Napanangka Anderson, Melinda Napurrurla Wilson, Nathania Nangala Granites, Ormay Nangala Gallagher, Otto Jungarrayi Sims, Pauline Nampijinpa Singleton, Polly Anne Napangardi Dixon, Ruth Nungarrayi Spencer, Sabrina Nangala Robertson, Sarah  Napurrurla Leo, Selma Napanangka Tasman, Shanna Napanangka Williams, Steven Jangala Hargraves, Tanya Nungarrayi Collins, Valda Napangardi Granites, Watson Jangala Robertson, Wilma Napangardi Poulson