Coming soon: Paul Kooiker - Untitled (Nude)

The work of Paul Kooiker (NL, °1964) deals with ‘looking’, voyeurism, sshame and distance. He starts by questioning the old tradition of the relation between artist and model, observer and observed. His obsessive series of images can confuse, humiliate, destabilize and refute. He poses questions on his own position as a photographer, but also towards the viewer and their gaze.

Kooiker has been making images for years, always starting from the position of the nude in art. This lead him to construct his own, aberrant art history. His frame of reference is mostly aimed at the 20th and 21st century. For this project he’s making a particular, one-off detour to the Baroque of the 17th and 18th century, the Baroque of both Rubens and Rembrandt;

Paul Kooiker (NL, °1964) lives in Amsterdam and teaches at the Rietveldacademie. Back in 1996 he won the Prix de Rome; in 2009 the A. Roland Holst Prize for his entire oeuvre. Some of his most known books and exhibitions are Hunting and Fishing (1999), Showground (2004), Crush (2009), Sunday (2011) and Nude Animal Cigar (2015). After various solo exhibitions in Holland (Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen – 2009; Fotomuseum Den Haag – 2014) this will become his first major exhibition in Belgium.

This exhibition is part of Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires.

Curator: Joachim Naudts 

Image: © Paul Kooiker, from the series Sunday, 2011.